Chapter 3. Using the KVM Roll

Table of Contents
3.1. Installing a VM Server
3.2. Installing VM Containers
3.3. Installing Virtual Clusters
3.3.1. Provisioning a Virtual Cluster
3.3.2. The Airboss
3.3.3. Creating an RSA Key Pair
3.3.4. Installing a VM Frontend
3.3.5. Installing VM Compute Nodes
3.3.6. Using Virtual Machine Manager (Root Users Only)
3.4. Physical Frontend with Virtual Compute Nodes
3.5. Remotely Controlling VMs with Pilot
3.5.1. Pilot Overview
3.5.2. Installing Pilot Installing Pilot on Mac OS X Installing Pilot on Windows
3.5.3. Create a Public/Private Key Pair
3.5.4. Open an SSH Tunnel from Your Machine to the Physical Frontend Mac OS X SSH Tunneling Windows SSH Tunneling
3.5.5. Using Pilot for Remote VM Power Control
3.5.6. Using Pilot to Connect to a VM's Console
3.6. KVM Networking (Advanced)
3.6.1. VM Network Bridging to Physical Devices
3.6.2. Logical VLAN Devices
3.7. Advanced Configuration
3.7.1. Startup and Shutdown Plugins
3.7.2. Fine tuning of virtual hardware Defining Virtual CPU Types Pinning CPUs Defining Hardware Devices Mounting CDROM Host Autorestart Running VM on different appliances
3.8. Tutorial on Advanced Configuration
3.8.1. Preparing clients
3.8.2. Creating the virtual cluster and allocating storage
3.8.3. Using the Virtual Cluster