4.11. save

4.11.1. save host vm

rocks save host vm {host...} {file}

Save a VM on a physical node. This command saves a currently running VM, then halts the VM. This saved state can be used to restart the VM with the command 'rocks restore host vm'.



A list of one or more VM host names.


The file name the saved VM state will be stored in. If you don't supply this parameter, then the default file name will be: /<largest-partition-on-physical-host>/kvm/disks/<vm-name>.saved. For example, on a physical node with the default partitioning, the saved file for VM compute-0-0-0 will be named: /state/partition1/kvm/disks/compute-0-0-0.saved


# rocks save host vm compute-0-0-0

Save VM host compute-0-0-0.