4.12. set

4.12.1. set cluster power

rocks set cluster power {host} [action=string] [delay=string] {key=string}

Turn the power on or off for each client host in a virtual cluster. This command will *not* affect a virtual frontend.



The host name of a virtual frontend.



The power setting. This must be one of 'on', 'off' or 'install'. The 'install' action will turn the power on and force the host to install.


Sets the time (in seconds) to delay between each power command. Default is '1'.


A private key that will be used to authenticate the request. This should be a file name that contains the private key.


$ rocks set cluster power frontend-0-0-0 action=on

Turn on the power for each client node that is associated with frontend-0-0-0.

4.12.2. set host interface disablekvm

rocks set host interface disablekvm {host} {iface} [disablekvm=bool] [disablekvm=bool] [iface=string]

Change the disablekvm interface flag. This flag is used to disable the automatic generation of KVM bridged configuration when starting a viratul machine. If a given interface has this flag true it will not appear on the host at the first restart. This functionality can be used in conjunction with the plugins of rocks report host vm config



One or more VM host names.


Interface that should be updated. This may be a logical interface or the mac address of the interface.



Can be used in place of the disablekvm argument


If true it will disable kvm bridging


Can be used in place of the iface argument.


# rocks set host interface disablekvm compute-0-0-0 ib0 true

Disable the automatic generation of ib0 for compute-0-0-0 in KVM

4.12.3. set host vm

rocks set host vm {host} [disk=string] [disksize=string] [mem=string] [physnode=string] [slice=string] [virt-type=string]

Change the VM configuration for a specific VM.



One or more VM host names.



A VM disk specification. More than one disk can be supplied. Each disk specification must separated by a space. For more information on the disk format please look at the: rocks add host vm help


The size of the VM disk in gigabytes. If more than one disk is supplied the sizes should be separated by space.


The amount of memory in megabytes to assign to this VM.


The physical machine this VM should run on.


The slice ID for this VM.


Set the virtualization type for this VM. This can be 'para' or 'hvm'.


# rocks set host vm compute-0-0-0 mem=4096

Change the memory allocation for VM compute-0-0-0 to 4 GB.

4.12.4. set host vm cdrom

rocks set host vm cdrom {host} [cdrom=string]

Add a CDROM image to the virtual machine specified. The machine must be restarted to make this effective



One or more VM host names.



The path to the ISO image to use as a CDROM of the physical device path (/dev/cdrom) if it is cdrom=none, it will remove the cdrom image from the current disks


# rocks set host vm cdrom compute-0-0-0 cdrom=/root/kernel-6.1-0.x86_64.disk1.iso

Mount the ISO /root/kernel-6.1-0.x86_64.disk1.iso as a CDROM

# rocks set host vm cdrom compute-0-0-0 cdrom=none

Remove the CDROM from node compute-0-0-0