4.14. stop

4.14.1. stop host vm

rocks stop host vm {host...} [action=string] [terminate=bool]

Destroy a VM slice on a physical node.



A list of one or more VM host names.



poweroff will shut down the VM immediately (default) shutdown will send the ACPI shutdown signal to the guest OS reset will poweroff and poweron the VM reboot will send the ACPI reboot signal to the guest OS


If this is true the command will run only the plugin since it will assume that the host is already down. This is used by to invoke the plugin when the machine is powered so external allocated resource can be freed (e.g. iSCSI connection) NB: if terminate is not equal to true the plugin will not be called. Basically the command either stops the VM or calls the plugins (this is to account for the fact that the libvirtd hooks are called both when the host is shutdown and when the host is forcefully stopped with rocks stop host vm)


# rocks stop host vm compute-0-0-0

Stop VM host compute-0-0-0. This is equivalent to a 'hard power off', (i.e., pulling the power cord from a node).

4.14.2. stop service airboss

rocks stop service airboss